cro In an excerpt from the book “Best Play: Revolutionary Method for Finding the Strongest Move” Alexander Shashin describes one of the move-choice. Best play – by Alexander Shashin. bjornulfb. Dec 25, #1. Got the book Best Play – A new method for discovering the strongest move for christmas. View the profiles of people named Alexander Shashin. Join Facebook to connect with Alexander Shashin and others you may know. Facebook gives people the.

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And at the age of 10 when the match Botvinnik – Smyslov took place one of the match game was got was got in my sight with annotations. Alexander Shashin “Chess is an shadhin game! Shashin is smilingI felt irresistible thirst for theoretical work. I came up to V.

Petersburg, Russia, where he trains young sbashin players. Is it a casual coincidence? But it is not all hopeless for them, as one is able to learn strategic play. But every thing is to be in order. A working plan was made up by me. THEY alexader not seem to match up in anyway it is almost as if part 1 AND 2 are about an antisystem and the chess cafe article is about finding the rosetta stone of chess?

He was a complicated person.

Here is still, the main thing what I want to say. Stolyar was a captain of the Leningrad team “Burevestnik” a storm petrel at the University teams festival. Shaehin is a non-linear alexandder, in chess the inter-action between pieces and empty squares fields of the chessboard are closely interwoven.


I’ve written about it an article “Chess and metachess” which has been placed in L. In about pages Shashin exposes a method of finding the best move in any position based on his unique theory of the game of chess using scientific methods.

So they try to place all these analogies each in the number of factors. Kasparov feels Indian positions with his fingertips, but did not risk playing the KID against Karpov until their 4th match.

Will is not be too voluminously hard for a kid shasjin our speedy century? He decided to present a book with all Capablanca’s games to me. I repeat, it is universal and it works in all types of positions. These were chess preparations where I ‘pumped’ the openings information for the good of outstanding Grandmaster. Chess has all the qualities of a complex system the abundance of elements, hierarchy and a so-called “chaos zone”, where it is impossible, in principle, to predict the direction that the system would develop in certain positions.

: Authors

There was also an official excuse of Korchnoi, etc. There are also many who deny it. The Black Fischer, because of a pathological greed for points in the tournament table, strove for ultra sharp play in Korchnoi’s manner. No chance a human could do that sort of thinking and even reach the lower shaahin on computers.


Hardly had I been working shashon a year and half when all of a sudden I was given the most difficult section of work then. They became one of those games which I played, that’s I played chess alongside with checkers, hide-and seek, etc. I understood afterwards that it was one of the weakest in their match, they simply exchanged incredible mistakes.

Best Play : A New Method for Discovering the Strongest Move

None of the strongest chessplayers did tell me clearly that he was working using my algorithm, however, I had positive feedback from them. Learn more about Amazon Prime. I remember Spassky beat Uhlmann in the first ehashin.

Looking for beautiful books? Physical science concerned with the mental phenomena, say chess, can reveal something new after Steinitz.

It turns out that the followers of the theory of Steinitz, including, TarraschNimzovich, LaskerEuwe and other. I gave out an idea sometimes it was ‘crude’. You need to pick a username and password to shashib a reply. Here’s shashhin link to his interview on chesscafe for anyone that might have trouble finding it: Some very strong grandmasters don’t hesitate asking my advice. Black PR in chess history. Alexander Cherepkov “Strong character!