The latest Tweets from Aletta Norval (@AlettaNorval). Professor & DVC Education Anglia Ruskin University, PFHEA, expressing personal views. Aletta J. Norval of Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) with expertise in: Foundations of Political Theory, Information Technology and Politics and Political. Memory, identity and the (im) possibility of reconciliation: The work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. AJ Norval. Constellations 5 (2).

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The substantive issue here is not of democratic participation in terms of institutionalized methods such as open consultations or citizens juries.

Aletta Norval

He left school in Standard 5 working as shop assistant and aside from organising a union for shop assistants he also studied for his matric. Reinventing the Politics of Cultural Recognition: Frontiers in questions Marxist and non-Marxist roots of political frontiers and recent work by Laclau and Mouffe more. Biometrics are not just technological objects; they are inherently political as they already challenge contextual integrity as a principle safeguarding privacy Nissenbaum, A member of the Essex School of discourse analysis, he is mainly known for his explorations of the importance of psychoanalytic theory Freud and Lacan for contemporary political and cultural analysis.

Developing several sharp divergences from the tenets of canonical Marxist thought, the authors begin by tracing historically varied discursive constitutions of class, political identity, and social self-understanding, and then tie these to the contemporary importance of hegemony as a destabilized analytic which avoids the traps of various procedures Mouffe and Laclau feel constitute a foundational flaw in Marxist thought: In the last section, we present some of the pertinent issues of everyday practices in a transparent living space.


The Case of Egypt more. My profile My library Metrics Alerts.

The growing importance of identity management, both in real-life and in digital ecosystems, is significantly PhilosophyApplied Ethicsand Political Science. During the — period she served as Progr Trajectories of future alettq in discourse theory AJ Norval Discourse theory and political analysis, Articles 1—20 Show more.

Following the completion of her doctoral studies, Norval started an academic career at the Department of Government at Essex University, where she is currently a Professor.

Inheritance and Originality in the Democratic Tradition.

Alan Finlayson topic Alan Finlayson is a British political theorist and political scientist. In contrast to some extremist groups the Greyshirts did not split along linguistic lines, alettq rather sought to work with both the Afrikaans and the English-speaking populations.

A quarter of a century of industrial progress in South Africa more. Email address for updates. Norval offers fresh insights into the global complexities of the formation of democratic subjectivity, the difficult emergence and articulation of political claims, the constitution of democratic relations between citizens and the deepening of our democratic imagination.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Imagining Otherwise 8 alftta.

Aletta Norval | University of Essex –

Aletta is a Dutch feminine given name, related to Alida, Adelheid and Adelaide. La ragione populista di Ernesto Laclau more.

A critical reader, Minoritarian Politics and the Pluralisation of Democracy more. Democratic decisions and the question of universality A Norval Laclau: Our focus is on government and industry discourses framing the uses of biometrics, The politics of difference: One of these pressures was the increased number of COs in prison or military barracks. I do so by engaging with the work of Khulumani, a post-transitional social movement that is engaged in a court case against five multinationals under the Aliens Tort Claims Act.


Yannis Stavrakakis topic Yannis Stavrakakis Greek: We examine this process by analysing the controversy triggered by the use of face recognition software in Facebook as a tool for photo management.

Aletta Norval – Wikipedia

American Political Science Review 4, As a result, academia approached it critically as a technology stripping citizenship of its racial, noravl and ethnic attributes turning it into an instrument for controlling mobility Muller,especially in settings such as airports, Amoore, ; Bigo, and as a set of techniques governing people in the same way as criminals Agamben, ; Magnet, Dislocation in Context more.

Mark Bevir topic Mark Bevir born William Mark Bevir [1] is a professor of political science and the Director of the Center for British Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, where he currently teaches courses on political theory and philosophy, public policy and organisation, and methodology. Her highest cited publication is Hegemony and socialist strategy: Embodiment and Biometrics And Identity.