The Alesis Monolithic/Integrated Surface™ Audio Console is a 16 channel, two buss audio mixing console which features the new Integrated Monolithic. Alesis Mixing Desk, Music Technology, Jul I’m on the lookout for a mixer. MY FUNDS ARE LIMITED and I have had the offer of a used alesis mixer: PRICE UK pounds. Looking at the spec of the.

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Faders have a bad feel.

All times are GMT Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. You see, my then-current eight-channel mixer was several aleesis old, almost pre-MIDI in fact, and old enough to have been around when instruments with stereo audio outputs were rather thin on the ground.

If you’re working in stereo with four synths or expanders then that’s an eight-channel mixer swallowed whole. The pre-fades will probably be used for headphone monitoring although they can also be used with outboard effects.

Review by Ian Waugh.

Alesis | Harmony Central

The first four that is, the two pre-fades and the first two post-fades each have a pan control as well as a volume control which allows the signal to be placed alessis in the stereo image. Here we also find the Tape In sockets which let you monitor the mixdown signal without repatching – thoughtful.

There are also separate left and right Alseis and Master inserts which are useful if you want to run the entire mix or a “Sub” part thereof through an effects unit compression and excitation spring to mind. This can result in a little friction and scraping as they touch the side of the channel, which, in aleiss, can affect their response if you are relying on light, fingertip control. The pots are small but very usable. The eq sucks, only high and low shelf Faders are very flimsy and cheap feeling.


Maybe I’ll just hold out for that.

alesis 16 channel studio mixer – Home Recording forums

I’m fairly new to the world of buying mixers. Hi what do you know? There is also a glossary, a troubleshooting guide and some “mix and recording theory”.

Already renowned for producing high-quality budget equipment, Alesos have introduced a new channel mixer. Buying new doesn’t ensure good, reliable gear. Enter your search terms Submit search form. If you’re enjoying the site, please consider supporting me to help build this archive A Solo’d signal is heard in mono and without any effects. Everything is using arms and hands, possibly with an extension to his left hand fingers optional. There are no overload LEDs and you must use Solo – and your ears – alesls check the levels.

The EQ is certainly flexible enough to lift the top end and aleiss a bass drum and to clip the top-end noise from a particularly ill-mannered alrsis.

It’s not a new ploy take Roland’s upmarket R8 drum machine and its “underfelt” finish as another examplebut in a world of dust and grime I prefer to keep my gear looking clean.

It is not too bad, not too heavy for a table at the time, and particularly ergonomic, the number of auxiliary for effect or other use. Gear in this article: No other opinion really alesus, except your own. Alesis have built their reputation on new dare I say innovative? The Sub Masters could also sum a collection of signals before passing them onto the Master. It clearly describes the functions of all the controls and sockets, and includes several applications with suggestions on how to connect equipment to the mixer.

There alssis separate Sub Master and Master outputs plus a Monitor Out to plug into your, er, monitors – via an amp, of course.


Alesis 1622

The time now is Next article in this issue A New Master. Alesis makes and has made decent gear, but their mixers have not earned good reputations. Well, I was sufficiently impressed but my needs back at last year’s BMF were great and urgent and I couldn’t wait until the production models – or even a review model – came rolling off the line.

Most of my brickbats are to do with the design which, in turn, was dictated by the monolithic circuit board which, in turn, is what makes the perform as unbelievably well as it does. The good news is, the is extremely light – if you use it live your roadie will love you forever. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

You can send us a note about this article, or let us know of a problem – select the type from the menu above. Previous Article in this issue Yamaha SY Thanks for your help. Not satisfied with those reviews?

It looks like a decent mixer. This, however, would depend upon your specific setup and a patchbay should solve many problems and if you can’t afford a patchbay you probably can’t 11622 an eight-track recorder, either.

Finally we come to the pan pots and below them the faders.

The is also supposed to be beer-proof, Coca Cola-proof and resistant to all other sorts of sticky and runny substances. If you’re after a mixer for eight-track work the best advice I can give is to work out your requirements then check out the