Suivez toute l’information politique, culturelle, sportive en direct et en continu sur Comores infos. 1er Site d’actualité des Comores et de la diaspora. He even started a popular newspaper, Al Balad. . erected large panels that advertised a development named Corniche Grande Comore. Transport Aérien / Madagasikara Airways: d’Inter Iles à Go Comores. Inauguré le 24 septembre dernier, la compagnie Madagasikara Airways a desservi.

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The hot, dry season is caused by a vast low pressure area which extends over a large part of the Indian Ocean and Central Africa. The citizenship law, which granted Comorian documentation to outsiders in exchange for money, attracted particular criticism.

And yet this natural beauty has done little to help the Comoros develop. As much as Kiwan wanted to contribute to the Comoros, a country in such bad shape vomores far more help than private investors alone can offer. A British preservation group sent an expedition to the Comoros inwith the object of transporting some specimens to Great Britain, in order to form a reproducing colony.

Albalad Comores

During these past years, it experienced a bullish trend, characterized by good weather conditions. The farming sector constitutes of the The flora has only been poorly studied, France has however been made attempts on Mayotte to fill in the gaps.

It consists of four islands: The former senior CGH manager told me: After three days in Kuwait, and satisfied with the information they had gathered, the Comorians packed their bags full of gifts and headed home. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Comoros, animals are kept either directly by their owners, or left in the care of keepers or other people.


The agriculture – Union of the Comoros – Economic management guidelines

The government promised a regular supply cmoores electricity. Sambi was also devastatingly charismatic. The Comoros have been inhabited since the 6th century; among the peoples who crossed the sea to populate the islands are the BantuMalagasyand IndonesianArabsPortugueseFrenchand Indians.

Production rose from 30 tons in to more than 50 tons in Through partnership agreements with AMIE, the agricultural sector benefited from several advantages, including financing facilities. France, however, used its power of veto in the UN to prevent the Security Council from a, a resolution condemning France.

Grande Comore NgazidjaAnjouan Ndzwani He even started a popular newspaper, Al Balad. Kiwan had even fallen out with his longtime ally President Sambi in the final months before he left office.

Sambi was a religious man who had studied Islamic political theory but expressed no interest in turning the islands into a theocracy. Inthe islands were no longer administratively attached to Madagascar and formed a united and recognized administrative entity.

Karthalaa shield volcano occupying some two thirds of the island, rises to meters. Through an interpreter, the Bidoon gave a full account of their situation: Kiwan had convinced key players on both sides to join him. But repeating the great Dubai experiment in a country that could barely keep the lights on and the water running was the last thing anyone wanted to put money on in an economic recession.


Partly as a result of international pressure during the s, the government of the Union has begun to take greater care of the environment. It was a sign of the times — before the collapse of the global financial system, or the Arab revolutions — that it did not seem entirely unlikely that a well-connected global citizen could transform a destitute archipelago into a Hawaii for Arabs.

In the Emirates, the Bidoon were told that taking Comorian citizenship was the first step to becoming Emirati.

No large African animals elephantsgiraffeslionscrocodileszebras or antelopes are found on the Comoros, despite the islands being relatively close to the mainland. Mwali has the weakest agricultural population; sl two other islands have nearly the same agricultural population.

On the other hand, Kiwan was an expat living in Kuwait, and he had no plans to become a naturalised citizen.

The intervention strategy of the African Development Bank gives priority to the energy sector. This still does not prevent the islands from having a few gusts of wind, but their intensity is a lot less than during the hot season.