Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this AIA® Document, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will. AIA Document G™– is intended to provide a standard form for an owner, architect, contractor or other party to request information from each other. Aia Form G click here to access This Book: FREE DOWNLOAD. AIA Forms G Request for Information. February 5th, – The AIA.

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It provides model language with explanatory notes to assist users in adapting AIA Document A— to specific circumstances. AIA Document A— primarily provides only the business terms and conditions unique to the agreement between the owner and contractor, such as compensation details and licensing of instruments of service.

AIA G-Series: Project Management Forms

A— replaces ACMa— expired It establishes the requirements for model content at five progressive levels of development, and the authorized uses of the model content at each level of development. Other provisions introduce different approaches, such as fast-track construction. Both AIA Documents B— and C— are based on the premise that one or more separate construction contractors will also contract with the owner.

Exhibit B provides a menu of briefly described services that the parties can select and augment to suit the needs of the project. A— obligates the ai to perform the work in accordance with the contract documents, which include A with its attached exhibits, supplementary and other conditions, drawings, specifications, addenda, and modifications.

G-Series: Architect’s Office and Project Forms (AIA Florida)

The Project Executive Team, also comprised of one representative from each of the parties, provides a second level of project oversight and issue resolution. To obtain project funding, the company enters into a separate agreement with the owner.

Supports G in the event that the owner requires a sworn statement of the contractor stating that all releases or waivers of liens have been received.

It provides model language with explanatory notes to assist users in adapting AIA Document B— for use on condominium projects.

This scope requires the architect to perform the traditional contract administration services while design services are provided by another zia. This highly collaborative process has the potential to result in a high quality project for the owner, and substantial monetary and intangible rewards for the other members. AIA Document C— provides the g76 under which the non-owner members provide services to the SPE to complete the design and construction of the project.


Neither the request nor the response received provides authorization for work that increases the cost or time of the project.

D also contains y716 provisions for modifying or supplementing the following AIA Contract Documents: B is extremely abbreviated and is formatted more informally zia other AIA agreements. This scope provides a menu of choices of regional or urban planning services, grouped under four phases: The consultant, who may or may not be an architect or other design professional, may perform a wide ranging array of services for the owner, including programming and planning, budgeting and cost estimating, project criteria development services, and many others, commencing with initial data gathering and continuing through to post occupancy.

If B— is used for residential condominium projects, users should review and consider modifying B— Answers to Part C will follow as the contract documents are further developed. AIA Document B— may be used in two ways: With G, the owner may preserve its rights under bonds by obtaining the surety’s approval of final payment to the contractor. Services are divided traditionally into basic and g761 services.

AIA – G Request For Information – Package of 50 | Construction Book Express

Free for Download at www. AIA Document C— is suitable for use with all types of consultants, including consulting architects.

A—, A— and B—, as standard form documents, cannot address all of the unique requirements and risks of sustainable design and construction. The form asks the requesting party to list the relevant drawing, specification or submittal reviewed in attempting to find the information.

C is not intended for use in competitive bidding and relies upon an agreed to contract sum, which can be either a stipulated sum fixed price or cost of the work plus a fee, with a guaranteed maximum price.

AIA Document GA— can help a design team work through the range of code compliance combinations available before choosing a final compliance strategy. AIA Document B— is often used for planning, feasibility studies, and other services that do not follow the phasing sequence of services set forth in B— and other AIA documents. Basic services are performed in five phases: The updated application and certificate for cayment with the construction manager as adviser.

Although A and B share some similarities with other agreements, the Small Projects family should NOT be used in tandem with agreements in other document families without careful side-by-side comparison of contents.


Under A—, the construction manager serves as an independent adviser to the owner, who enters into a contract with a general contractor or multiple contracts with prime trade contractors. It is intended that the joint venture, once established, will enter into an agreement with the owner to provide professional services. These agreements are written for a stipulated sum, cost of the work with a guaranteed maximum price, and cost of the work without a guaranteed maximum price, respectively.

Provides a standard form for the owner to acknowledge the date of substantial completion. B— replaces BID— expired B sets forth five traditional phases of basic services: For that purpose, the agreement includes a guaranteed maximum price amendment at Exhibit A.

In AIA Document G—the parties agree on the time allowed for completion or correction of the items, the date when the owner will occupy the work or designated portion thereof, and a description of responsibilities for maintenance, heat, utilities and insurance.

AIA – G716-2004 Request For Information – Package of 50

B was renumbered only in same content as BINT—, expired C— replaces C— expired May AIA G76 C— provides the framework for a collaborative environment in which aiaa company operates in furtherance of cost and performance goals that the members jointly establish. AIA C allows one party to 1 grant another party a limited non-exclusive license to use digital data on a specific project, 2 set forth procedures for transmitting the digital data, and 3 place restrictions on the license granted.

AIA Document B— is intended for use in situations where the architect will provide limited architectural services in connection with a single family residential project.

AIA Document G— provides a clear and concise means of initiating the process for changes in the work. The compensation model in the non-owner member agreements is goal-oriented and provides incentives for collaboration in design and construction of the project, and for the quick and effective resolution of problems as they arise. AIA Document B— was developed with the assistance of several federal agencies and contains terms and conditions that are unique to federally funded or federally insured projects.

The parties may be all architects, all engineers, a combination of architects and engineers, or another combination of professionals.