Buy AGMA F STANDARD FOR SPUR, HELICAL, HERRINGBONE AND BEVEL ENCLOSED DRIVES from SAI Global. AGMA (R) Spur, Helical, Herringbone, and Bevel Enclosed Drives Applicable to enclosed gear drives wherein the gear tooth designs include . Buy AGMA Practice For Enclosed Speed Reducers Or Increasers Using Spur , Helical, Herringbone And Spiral Bevel Gears from SAI Global.

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This is to evaluate the uneven loading across the length of the tooth.

AGMA 6010-E88 – Standard for Spur, Helical, Herringbone, and Bevel…

The rating methods used in the API and API standards are highly valued by many because they are consistent between manufacturers and easily checked by purchasers and users. Bending Stress The bending stress value for both gear and pinion is a measure of gear tooth strength and is calculated per Equation 4 of APIparagraph 2.

Figure 4 is plotted for seven different gear sets at different power ratings. During testing, the test was stopped when pitting first appeared, which is not regarded as a failure point for through-hardened gearing. However, there are some general statements that can be useful for the typical gear unit user: Since college graduation he has been in gear engineering with Lufkin Industries.

General packing list for the warm seasons. This resulted in the allowable stresses being set lower than necessary. This Standard is not intended to assure performance of assembled gear drive systems.


It was released in In a comparison with AGMAthe AGMA ratings were agmma 20 to 93 percent higher based atma durability and 18 to 40 percent higher based on strength than the proposed method. The characteristic of driver and driven equipment will account for potential overload, shock load, or continuous oscillatory torque characteristics.

Several of the variables in the gear tooth rating system in AGMA are allowed a range, resulting in a wide variation of ratings between manufacturers for the same gearbox. The rating formulas were simplified from the AGMA standards and more conservative stresses were required. Agka efficiency due to larger losses. It will vary slightly among manufacturers depending on the shape of the roughing and finishing tool as well as heat-treating distortion.


The gear set is carburized and has a The conclusion is that DINPart 21calculates a minor increase over AGMA for through-hardened gearing and a major increase for carburized gearing.

Gearbox specs: Getting it right

The major difference is in the numbering system. Requires thrust bearings and thrust faces on each rotor. Substituting into Equation 6 to solve for the pinion bending agmaa number: A different way to present the difference between the size of the gear set rated by both standards is to pictorially represent them.

API 3rd Edition If a pinion diameter is large compared with its length, then the dynamic bending and twisting of the pinion are less than if it were smaller in diameter and longer. Can be repaired quickly by recutting gear and increasing pinion size. The gap is usually required because of the manufacturing process, therefore the gap can change slightly depending on the type of process used.

Teacher List Data File Specifications. All gear tooth rating standards recognize that it is difficult to maintain equal loading across the width of the gear tooth. 6100

Has some apex runout that produces additional loading. Gear Types Some of the most common gear types are: Less tolerant to overload — sudden failure without warning. The allowable bending stress number depends on materials selected for the gear teeth, the tooth hardening processes used, and the service factor. Need more than xgma copy?

Gearbox specs: Getting it right | Turbomachinery Magazine

This Standard does not apply to gear drives that are covered by other specific AGMA application standards. Be aware that the gearbox will be oversped during testing. At this time, it appears that gear sets that have a ratio higher than seven to one will be rated on a simplified version of AGMAbut using a derating factor to gain conservatism.

Another difference from AGMA is that since the ISO dynamic factor and the load distribution factor are dependent on load, the agka of a gear set cannot be calculated until the load is known. The second edition changed the rating method to that given in API To reduce some of the confusion that a user may have, it may be helpful to compare offers from different manufacturers by calculating and then comparing the API service factors.


Since its initial publication inmost of the main gearboxes in refineries have had to conform to this specification. ISO [except part 5 is ]: This was first published in and covered only barreltype centrifugal compressors. The decision was appealed and is currently going through the AGMA appeal process.

If you specify this standard, you will probably pay substantially more for the gearbox than if another standard is used.

The information on the API data sheet is as follows: They have evolved from standards originally published in Understanding the manner in which the various rating standards evolved, it is logical to expect them to give different answers. It evolved from aggma DINPart 21standard, so there is a strong similarity between the two.

The difference in strength agmx is probably because of the different methods in calculating the J factor. As the voice of the U.

The motor is nameplated at hp, 1. To understand how much the API standard affects the efficiency, an example of a hp electric motor at rpm driving through a gearbox to a rpm centrifugal compressor is offered in Table 2. For some applications, the agam set ratings are close, but usually there are qgma differences in the ratings when comparing different standards.

For instance, some designs have many pinions in mesh with one gear. Single Helical Have teeth of only one hand on each gear. Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards.