Index. ▫Jain Agam (Canonical) Literature ƒ Definition ƒ Classification ƒ Listings of Sutras ƒ Summary of Agams by Jainsects ƒ History of Preservation ƒ Agam. The Agama scriptures have been composed by Lord Tirthankaras by way of their meanings, whereas by ‘Sutra’ they have been composed by Lord Gandharas. Phone:: +91 22 1. ĀGAMA – AN INTRODUCTION (English): This booklet provides a brief summary of each Āgama with a few key sutras highlighted.

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Jain literature comprises Jain Agamas and subsequent commentaries on them by various Jain asectics. Jain literature is primarily divided between Digambara literature and Svetambara literature.

The canonical texts of Jainism are called Agamas. These are said to be based on the discourse of the tirthankaradelivered in a samavasarana divine preaching hall. However, they were gradually lost starting from one hundred fifty years after Lord Mahavir’s nirvana.

In Digambara tradition, two main texts, three sutrax on main texts, and four Anuyogas exposition consisting of more than 20 texts are followed. The prathmanuyoga first exposition contains the universal history, the karananuyoga calculation exposition contains works on cosmology and the charananuyoga behaviour exposition includes texts about proper behaviour for monks and Sravakas.

The text contains six volumes. Jain text composed by Acharya Kundakunda in the first century B. He wrote various books known as niyuktiwhich are sutas on those scriptures. His minor work Aga, gives outlines of the Jaina doctrine in form of hymns. This was later detailed by Mallisena c. Devendrasuri wrote Karmagrantha which discuss the theory of Karma in Jainism.


In this work he wrote against the Digambara sect of Jainism.

Lokaprakasa of Vinayavijaya and pratimasataka of Yasovijaya were written in c. Lokaprakasa deals with all aspects of Jainism. Pratimasataka deals with metaphysics and logic. Yasovijaya defends idol-worshiping in this work. Srivarddhaeva aka Tumbuluracarya wrote a Kannada commentary on Tattvarthadigama-sutra. This work has verses. Siddha-Hem-Shabdanushasana” by Acharya Hemachandra c.

Jain Agam Literature

Kielhorn as the best grammar work of the Indian middle age. Hemacandra’s book Kumarapalacaritra is also noteworthy. Jaina narrative literature mainly contains stories about sixty-three prominent figures known as Salakapurusaand people who were related to them. Some wgam the important works are Harivamshapurana of Jinasena c. Jains have contributed to India’s classical and popular literature. For example, almost all early Kannada literature and many Tamil works were written by Jains.

Some of the oldest known books in Hindi and Gujarati were written by Jain scholars.

Jainism Literature Center – Articles

Many Tamil classics are written by Jains or with Jain beliefs and values as the core subject. Practically all the known texts in the Apabhramsha language are Jain works. Jain Prakrit is a term loosely used for the language of the Jain Agamas canonical texts. The books of Jainism were written in the popular vernacular dialects as opposed to Sanskrit which was the classical standard of Brahmanismand therefore encompass a number of related dialects.


Chief among these is Ardha Magadhiwhich due to its extensive use has also come to be identified as the definitive form of Prakrit.

Jain literature

Other dialects include versions of Maharashtri and Sauraseni. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana.

Diwali Mahavir Jayanti Paryushana Samvatsari. Jainp. Suteas to Prakritica et Jainica. Fourteen Purvas The Prior Knowledge — considered totally lost.

Digambara monk Aryika Kshullak Pattavali Acharya. Buddhism Hinduism Islam Sikhism Non-creationism. Retrieved from ” https: Jain texts Religious literature. Use dmy dates from June Use Indian English from June All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Articles with unsourced statements from February Views Read Edit View history.

Jain Agamas

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