Jake Linley has always been waiting and watching on the sidelines for Lydia Craven. He can only see but not touch as she is the beloved daughter of wealthy . “Against the Odds” by Lisa Kleypas. Though he likes Lord Wray, he also envies him for winning Lydia because Jake Linley knows she is the prize. When a. Lisa Kleypas Against the Odds Prologue If any man knew how to hold his liquor, it was Jake Linley. God knew he’d had a lot of practice at.

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He’s charming and witty but not at all shallow, he’s got a thankful kleyps of vulnerability beneath his arrogance, and he’s a semi-smartass but not at all mean-spirited, scarily manipulative or againsh like too many of Kleypas’ other heroes.

I couldn’t relate to the characters with all I’m not sure why I continue to torment myself with these Anthologies, most of the time there’s 1 slight glimmer of hope with at least 2 other hard slogs which was very much the case in this novel.

My review contains spoilers and they’re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book For that I would read this story again and again. But, here’s the thing: I loved MacGregor’s story.

Dear Avon Books, Where are my heroes? I also ods some of her “heroes” so controlling, domineering, ruthless and malicious that they strike me more as villains, and she tends to feed into the damaging and, in my case, patently untrue idea that guys who are actually kind, smart, caring, well-educated and gentlemanly are always too dull for our heroines, ’cause of course deep down we women all want hyper-controlling brutes who act like semi-sociopaths more often than not, and heaven forbid a truly sweet guy also be an attractive and passionate one.



And then imagines Charlotte pregnant with his child. And he is, of course, very emotional, passionate and sexy in all the right waysat least to this reader. Miss Lydia Craven is engaged to be married to Lord Wray. Nov 02, Desi rated it really liked it Shelves: Trivia About Where’s My Hero?

All in all, this novella did give me a feeling of completion, which I usually don’t experience in a novella.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Kleypas and Quinn offerings but I didn’t love the MacGregor story about Simon, who was a wonderful secondary character in her other books in the series. Where are my heroes? I’m a total sucker for an unabashedly smart, independent, intellectual, endearingly ‘different’ but not TOO bizarre heroine who’s kind and passionate beneath a carefully controlled veneer and a relatable mix of intellectual arrogance and slight social insecurity.

I totally recommend it. Damn that man takes my breath away! Kenna originally wanted to meet Stryder but it’s Simon, who’s also Stryder’s kind of a personal secretary writes his letters and stuffs as Stryder is a busy first-class knight and illiteratetalks to her.

Quinn’s story was good too.

What’s the Name o Kenna was also a great heroin in that she was brave enough to tell the truth, but respectful of their traditions. The Other Miss Bridgerton: Agaisnt, familiarity with the author’s knack for filling the most trite storyline with interesting characters I was game to read this short. One of the things I generally love most about Quinn is that a majority kleeypas her heroes are actuallygaspdecent, goodhearted, eminently likable men.


Where’s My Hero? by Lisa Kleypas

Avon August 26, Language: Probably the best part agaibst me was seeing Sara and Derek again, and seeing what happened to their life 20 years later. Then, in confrontation, the truth comes out. Mirip dengan fairytale biasanya. If you do like this type of story, you might want to download a sample and check it out!

Gamblers of Craven’s “Against the Odds”, 3 Members. I loved Simon of Ravenswood’s story.

I really liked Simon so I was ahainst forward to this. But the irony is, none of them know about each-others feelings. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. However, I liked Ned more so in the other books than in this short story. Surprisingly – for me, at least – Kleypas’s story was my least favorite.

Against the Odds (in “Where’s My Hero?”) by Lisa Kleypas | LibraryThing

Julia Quinn Goodreads Author. Aug 23, Anna D. I really felt for her since she’s very tbe and honest. The misunderstanding starts as Kenna comes to visit Stryder, thinking he proposed to her in his last letter.

Jake Linley, she just might change her mind. I love the idea of this anthology, short stories about secondary characters from other books getting their HEAs. All that and I still was routing for these ayainst idiots, so 2 stars. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

In this story, the love affair takes place over a few days.