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Air Force Instruction , Communications and functional terms, in accordance with AFI and Air Force series supply. 12/1/ INFORMATION PROTECTION. Kb. AFI Kb. AFI 7/1/ Requirements Kb. AFMAN 5/1/ ENGINEERING AND. HQ USAF functional managers chair their own functional requirements boards ( AFI , Requirements Development and Processing). They prepare and.

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USAF E-Pubs: Communications and Information

The CSO obtains per-call contractor support, mail-in service, and standby spares rather than on-call support, unless mission requirements dictate otherwise, or a more economic form of support exists.

Early and personal life. Reliable inventory tracking and life-cycle management of computer systems and equipment processed through IPMS.

Central Processing Unit CPU —The portion of a computer that executes programmed instructions, performs arithmetic and logic functions, and controls input and output functions.

Wing Information Protection IP Office —Office that administers the wing IP program, advises the base computer systems security officer, and acts as the accreditation advisor to the designated approving j authority. Processes all base-user computer systems orders except those excluded by host tenant support agreements and joint service programs managed outside the Air Force. Give adequate notice to the vendor to preclude payment of extra costs.

When the GO and SES decide to take their computer, they will work with the losing and gaining communications unit to ensure proper equipment inventory accountability.

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Federal agency, state, or local government. These contracts provide computer system resources at discount prices, offer a standard structure for Air Force-wide maintenance and training, and simplify integration and interoperability 33–103 computer systems. Must out-process through the applicable ECO. Unable to detect your location! Designated Approval Authority DAA —The organization or individual that establishes necessary procedures and controls to protect information and ensures the availability and integrity of critical processes.

Has the authority to sign for new equipment and may delegate that authority only to their ECs. Shahid Afridi – Wikipedia en. Provides guidance and training for the EC.


Maintenance includes both preventive and corrective actions. The routine recurring work required to keep a facility plant, building, structure, ground facility, utility system, AFI 25 FEBRUARY 43 or other real property in such condition that it may be continuously utilized, at its original or designed capacity and efficiency, for its intended purpose.

The office is within the wing communications unit. Provides IPMS operations, programming, and software support. Has the commander delegated the authority to receive new equipment to only the ECO?

Pages in category “Korean War auxiliary ships of the Affi States” The following pages are in this category, out of total. Personal computers, microcomputers, minicomputers, multi-user systems, all standard multi-user small computer requirements contract systems, text processors, word processors, intelligent typewriters, workstations, are examples of computer systems. Major Command Equipment Control Officers.

Notifies the ECO of the relocation of the equipment. Coordinates support issues with applicable agencies. Obtain the approval of your local DAA before allowing a contractor access to, or operation of, government-furnished or contractor-owned computer system resources processing government information.

Responsibility for testing the equipment and identifying hardware or software problems lies with the using organization. The DAP includes a complete inventory of equipment, work necessary to develop the transfer schedule, and the time needed to support related tasks.

Contracts applying to managed computer systems.

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Ensures the EC notifies the applicable ECO of any computer systems that are scheduled for deployment. Use hardware and software within the environmental parameters defined by the vendor e. Review disposition plans for computer systems program documentation, technical data, etc. Air Force Infrastructure Support Contracts. Immediately notify the organizational commander to appoint an investigating official to begin the ROS process for any loss, damage, or destruction of computer systems. Notify the requester of any delays in the shipment of the equipment.

Designates, in writing, a minimum of one EC and alternate, depending on span of control. The NCC or systems manager must make sure management understands contract terms and conditions to best serve the interests of the Air Force. Section E—Disposition of Excess Resources Peripheral —Any equipment that provides the computer with additional capabilities distinct from the central processing unit.


Provide user manuals that include sign-on and sign-off procedures, use of basic commands, software policies, user responsibilities, etc. Has a joint physical inventory been accomplished prior to equipment account transfer? Advises base organizations of local maintenance procedures. Report excess expendable computer system supplies to base supply.

A designated official from the receiving organization and the ECO must sign and date the transfer document prior to the transfer.

Equipment Custodian EC —An individual who acts as a subordinate to the equipment control officer ECO and performs inventory, utilization, and maintenance recording 33-1033 reporting and other custodial duties as ati ECO requires.

Ensures procedures are in place instructing base communications personnel to use the IPMS to notify and document equipment transfers between bases. Use of Computer Systems. Specifies the format for contract tables. The parties involved should develop a schedule for reducing and transferring small computer systems workload. When installing computer systems: Contracts must provide instructions on how to complete AF Form and vendor forms if used.

Equipment maintenance includes servicing, repair, modification, modernization, overhaul, inspection, condition determination, corrosion control, and initial provisioning of support items. Perform routine system maintenance such as backing up or archiving files and adding software updates.

The establishment of a MOA addressing responsibilities for support of joint systems, whether managed by an Air Force program office or by another DoD element. Line Replaceable Unit LRU —A module, subassembly, or printed circuit card you can replace or repair without soldering.