An orientation vector mechanization is presented for a strap down inertial system. Further, an example is given of the applica tion of this formulation to a typical. Title: A New Mathematical Formulation for Strapdown Inertial Navigation. Authors : Bortz, John. Publication: IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic. Aug 9, A New Mathematical Formulation for Strapdown Inertial Navigation JOHN E. BORTZ, Member, IEEE The Analytic Sciences Corporation.

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The orientation vector formulation allows thenoncommutativity contribution to be isolated and, therefore,treated separately and advantageously. From This Paper Topics from this paper. Further, mathenatical example is given of the applica-tion of this formulation to a typical rigid body rotation problem. VeltinkChris T. Symbolic hybrid system diagram. The two conventional ways of combatting errorsdue to this effect are 1 to update the direction cosinematrix at or near the gyro rebalance frequency using asimple update algorithm or 2 to update stradpown directioncosine matrix after many rebalance cycles using a moresophisticated algorithm.

An orientation vector mechanization is presented for a strap-down inertial system.

The development given here is original with theauthor and highly motivated in a physical sense. I The mathematical theory presented here was actually intro-duced by J.


It is precisely this noncommutativity rate vector that causes thecomputational problems when numerically integrating the direc-tion cosine matrix. Showing of extracted citations.

In order to differentiate 10two derivativesare obtained first. Computational problem Reference frame video Numerical analysis.

A New Mathematical Formulation for Strapdown Inertial Navigation

Even the most efficient algorithmplaces a moderate to heavy burden on the navigationsystem computer. A differential equation is developed for the orientation vector relating the body frame to a chosen reference frame. The basic principle involved mathematjcal to generate a set ofsignals aX, Uy, and oz representing the components of thenoncommutativity rate vector a.

Citations Publications citing this paper. Unfortunately, at the timethere was no sustaining external interest in this work and theresults never became widely known.

It is shown in [2] thatunder certain reasonable conditions and system designchoices,IJI. Veltink Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing Laning’s complete and eleganttreatment of finite angles and rotations was presented formulationn ratherabstract terms.

The time sstrapdown of this vector is the sum of the inertially measurable angular velocity vector and of the inertially nonmeasurable noncommutativity rate vector. This integration is carried out numer-ically using the incremental outputs from the systemgyros.

This paper has highly influenced 13 other papers.

A New Mathematical Formulation for Strapdown Inertial Navigation – Semantic Scholar

If the update process is slowed down toease the computational load, system bandwidth and ac-curacy are sacrificed. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Navkgation PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. Semantic Scholar estimates that this publication has citations based on the available data. Skip to search form Skip to main content.


The timederivative of this vector mathemqtical the sum of the inertially measurableangular velocity vector and of the inertially nonmeasurablenoncommutativity rate vector. Ambulatory measurement of arm orientation.

A New Mathematical Formulation for Strapdown Inertial Navigation – [PDF Document]

Baten Journal of biomechanics This paper has citations. Post on Aug views. Citation Statistics Citations 0 20 40 ’70 ’86 ‘ The major problem in this method is the wellknown phenomenon of noncommutativity of finite rota-tions. Topics Discussed in This Paper.

See our FAQ inerttial additional information. The geometry of rotation.