5th, 6th & 7th Bipartite Retirees. Category of 5th Bipartite The ceiling of Pension be raised to Rs. /- p.m. bipartite settlement was originally reckoned. (A), The Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) on behalf of its member banks named in the respective Schedule, signed settlements with the All India Bank Employees’. 7th Bipartite Settlement pdf download. Memorandum of Settlement dated 27th March, Seventh Bipartite Settlement on Wage Revision and.

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The bank shall consider such claims on merits and facts.

In such cases, reimbursement may be allowed subject to the authority sanctioning reimbursement being satisfied about reasonableness of the claim. Arising out of business process re-engineering necessitated by introduction of state-of-the-art technology and equipments, banks may redesign and assign role, duties and responsibilities to their staff within the provisions of the settlement.

For your Good-selves kind reference, we once again briefly explain the issues as under: Clause 17 of the Fifth Bipartite Settlement dated 10th April,shall stand deleted.

It is requested that the responsibility of extending Medical relief to Retirees is as much an obligation of the Bank Managements as it is to Serving Employees and the Scheme should be identical including bearing the amount of premium by the Banks only and coverage of Domiciliary treatment reimbursement.

Assisting the inspecting officers in xettlement the quantities and values of the securities charged to the bank.

The above provision will apply for crediting privilege leave from the Calendar Year Here also the number of such left out Employees will be hardly in the entire industry and that too if they bipartife the second option it comes with cost to them by surrendering their entitled PF contribution and the extra contribution they will be compelled to make as per the 9th Bipartite Settlement.


Persons required to perform watch and ward duties i. Payment of Overtime Allowance. There will be no retrenchment on account of computerisation.

7th Bipartite Settlement pdf download

Deployment of Staff It is generally perceived that there is scope for redeployment of staff in banking industry. Where the notice under this clause is sent to the employee by registered post acknowledgement due at the last recorded address communicated in writing by the employee and acknowledged by the bank, the same shall be deemed as good and proper service. Cycle Allowance In supersession of Clause 1 of Bipartite Settlement dated 16th July, with effect from 1st April,cycle allowance shall be payable to members of the bippartite staff who are required to use a cycle on regular assignment for outdoor duties at the following rates: Dearness Allowance shall be calculated and paid on Basic Settlemeht, Special Pay, Graduation Pay, Professional Qualification Pay and Officiating Pay, if any, payable under this settlement in respect of both clerical and subordinate staff.

Service Conditions of Bank Employees: In partial modification of Clause 5 of Bipartite Settlement dated 27 th March, both clerical and subordinate staff including permanent part-time employees on scale wages shall be eligible for six stagnation increments w.

Meanwhile IBA in the 8th Bipartite Settlement corrected this aberration and made pension payable prospectively w.

Seventh Bipartite Settlement

Medical Aid In substitution of Clause 16 of the Bipartite Settlement dated 14th February,with effect from 1st November,the reimbursement of medical expenses under medical aid scheme shall be restricted to an amount of: In case it is not administratively possible for the bank of repatriate setflement employee to his original center after the above period, the employee may be required to give 3 centres of his choice so that he can be biprtite to any one of the centres opted by him.


Tata Memorial HospitalMumbai. The clerical and subordinate staff including permanent part-time employees on scale wages on reaching the maximum in their respective scales of pay, shall draw six stagnation increments at the rate of Rs.

Still it is not happening. Consolidated wages to part. Where a female operator who is in the family way desires to discontinue working on Computer during the period of her pregnancy, she will be exempted at her written request from operating the Computer.

As per Annexure-II hereto. In respect of employees who had received their fourth stagnation increment on or after 1st November, but before 1st November,the fifth stagnation increment shall be released on and from 1st November, For Subordinate Staff Sr.

Maternity Leave The earlier provisions relating to maternity leave as in Clause Armed Guard Persons required to perform watch and ward duties i.

7th Bipartite Settlement pdf download — BANK EMPLOYEES NEWS

The reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses will be restricted to the following charges: He will wherever and whenever required function as a single window operator where he will also receive and pay cash. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, A. Dearness Allowance In substitution of Clause 6 of Bipartite Settlement dated 14th February with effect from 1st November, the dearness allowance shall be payable as per the following rates: If bipwrtite income of one of the parents exceeds Rs.

It is agreed that for the purpose of this settlement, the additional cost of pension be shared between the parties at the ration as agreed and pension cost accordingly.