SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY U.S.A.. TELEPHONE: () ( ) FAX: () 1N thru 1N 1N thru 1N Category. Description, WATT Metal Silicon Zener Diodes. Company, Motorola Semiconductor Products. Datasheet, Download 1N datasheet. Quote. 1N datasheet, 1N circuit, 1N data sheet: MICROSEMI – 1 WATT METAL CASE ZENER DIODES,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site.

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Typical applications include high-voltage differential and operational datashheet, high- voltage inverters, low and medium current switching and series regulators. Therefore it is necessary that each of the elements attached to the MPU bus require minimal load current. AGC H3nge – 66 dB mm. Multifunction packages and broad operating temperature range further tailor this device family to the industrial designer’s requirements.

Equivalences zener

These devices are listed in order of decreasing breakdown voltage BV ce0. MRF, a new high power transistor developed foi datxsheet sideband applications, is used in the design. S8 44 66 Motorola Semicondiicti -eartijiiui te- 15 The device types are listed in order of decreasing f T and increasing l c continuous.

The family provides total- system building functions, yet is designed with the flexibility dayasheet allow growth. The voltage and current capabilities are limited only by the characteristics of the series element. You have 0 products to compare selected.


MCSlbMC ROMs are also available to provide the rhythm patterns for electronic organs. Output current capability can be increased further through use of one or more external pass transistors.

BC BC 50 20 5.

R 1NR 1NA. The lower votlage parts provide lower limits, JMust be derated for reverse power dissipation. The variety of different trigger devices available complicates device selection. They are particularly well-suited for new designs where a continuous, off-the-shelf supply of product is required.

High Speed Static Static. Min Max uA Volts Datadheet 0. Shop Lamps Light Bulbs. Truth labia and output option specified by uaar. Programmed by the MPU during system Initialization.

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Basic Snap Action Switches. For specific options, i.

Design techniques will encompass the production-proven gate array technique plus other design approaches to provide the flexibility required for cost-effective, standard bipolar LSI functions. Shop Basic Snap Action Switches. With a satisfactory heat sink Uniwatt transistors can dissipate up to 10 Watts.

Nevertheless, some basic comparisons can be drawn that might simplify the job of trigger selection for designers who have not already formed specific preferences. Industrial products fill important roles in process control, instrumentation, and sig- nal processing functions. Package Type Number Light! For availability of chips for other products, contact your Motorola sales representative.

Numbers in italic type denote data sheet that shows design curves. Devices are listed in order of increasing test frequency. Merculy Vapor Tube Replacements Available. Megalogic provides several design approaches to bipolar LSI. Devices differ principally in BVqeq.


As circumstances indicate, others will be added. Not aoptlceble to J Of TX devices. Each component is isolated by a high resistance 10 lu ohms layer of SiU2- Dielectric isolation also lowers inter-component capacitance and improves efficiency. Shop Cell Phone Accessories. Improved version of MC A Of B in lieu of “IN” prefix.

The devices are listed in decreasing order of V CE0 and l c continuous. Acceptance of these standards will permit interconnection of many types of measurement apparatus, manufactured by numerous firms, into complex systems simply by plugging in connecting cables.

Motorola offers its entire vast repertoire of discrete small-signal tran- sistors for multiple-device packaging. Choppers and Switches 4. Travel and Brief Cases. Shop Ionizer and Controls. FM IF amplifier, limiter, detector. In Stock Only CD G suffix denotes Metal Can.

1N3021 Datasheet PDF

Magnetic Memory Interface Drivers and sense 1b3016 for core and plated wire memory systems. Shop Terminal Blocks and Strips. Contact your Motorola representative for more information.