IMPORTANT. This User Manual should be used in conjunction with the DNB DeviceNet Scanner Module. Installation Instructions, publication DeviceNet. Logix DNB. RSLogix RediSTATION. DNB DeviceNet Scanner. Module Installation Instructions(DNB. DeviceNet.) Publication INB-EN-P – April Installation Instructions. ControlLogix DeviceNet. Scanner Module. Catalog Number DNB. Use this manual as.

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Conor is right, on older -DNB modules there was a manual configuration pushbutton inside the module’s front door. We were then able to change the address back to 0. Without a network connection it displays baud rates, allowing you to select the rate for your module. If your module is not connected to the network: Like other slaves, the scanner module exchanges data with only one master when it is in slave mode.

The following tables outline the indicator condition and the corresponding status, and explain what each condition means. Conor are you sure you have a DNB I have never come across manua, configuration button.

1756-DNB configuration button

Check DeviceNet connection on front of module. Check accuracy of scan list table entry. Worn contacts may create electrical resistance that can affect module operation. The alphanumeric display flashes the codes at approximately 1 second intervals. For a UCMM capable device, this means that the device has no established connections.

A 01 N 33 E 72 The following table summarizes the codes. The DNB can function in the following modes: The input structure consists of these data elements. As an example, the display for RUN toggles between the network address and the mode: We then noticed that another node was not coming back onto the network.


The device has detected an error duplicate MAC ID or bus-off that has rendered it incapable of communicating on the network. Its a pity you didnt specify your harware more clearly. The LED should be on for approximately 0. This module is sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Do not touch the backplane connector or connector pins. Thanks for your help Fuzzy. Posted 19 Oct edited. Scanner is detecting communication errors. Sign in Already have an account? Secure any external connections that mate to this equipment by using screws, sliding latches, threaded connectors, or other means provided with this product.

The device may not be powered.

If available, use a static-safe work station. Automation Systems Catalog, publication B Open style devices must be provided with environmental and safety protection by proper mounting in enclosures designed for specific application conditions.

The DNB has at least one connection to it from a controller. The scanner module receives input data from Manuql modules and delivers a copy of these values to the controller.

The flash rate of the LED is approximately 1 flash per second. Anyway, we changed out a compact block that was faulty.

Do not disconnect equipment unless power has been removed or the area is known to be nonhazardous. The display toggles through these elements until the error is corrected. Make sure that your module is connected to a valid network. Tighten the screws on 1756-dmb connector as needed. Posted 19 Oct When not in use, keep the module in its static-shield bag.


This was pushed as it was thought that this was a “Reset” button. The module creates all 3 structures whether or not DeviceNet nodes are configured or online. The output structure consists of a bit command register and a variable size bit array of up to words for output data.

Preventing Electrostatic Discharge The DeviceNet scanner module is sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Release the button when the baud rate you want to select is shown on the display. The following table identifies what this manual contains and where to find specific information.

Sign In Sign Up. Release the button 1756-ddnb the address number shown on the display is the number you want to select. Posted 25 Oct Check system for failed slave devices or other possible sources of network interference.

Slot 0 is the first slot and is always located to the right of the power supply. The device is operating correctly; however, no controller is controlling it.

Manual dnb/e eds | olwntlk

Slave device stopped communicating node number alternately flashes. Do not touch circuit components inside the module. An open-style position linear plug is provided with your module.

Reconfigure the scan list table and remove any illegal data. Verify that the correct device is at this node number.